The Rise of The Dark Elf

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Where it all began

It all started on a the full moon of the fifth month. We all found ourselves drawn to this dreaded tomb, mostly for different reaons. Two of us were there to protect the tomb from being disturbed, two were there to rob it, and two were looking for their mother . . . ? Really, who looks for their mother in a crypt. . . at night. . . completely randomly? Like who really thinks thats a good idea, ‘oh Im looking for my mom, i guess i should start looking in tombs in the crypt’ . . yah that makes complete sense.

So As I was saying We were all brought there for different reasons. The human and the dwarf who were in search for a lost mother soon made temporary allies of the elf and the tiefling, both having the goal of searching the tomb. But the eladrin and the gnome were set to protect it and quickly took sides against the rest. Now the prowess of the eladrin far outmatched any of the others and it could have been a quick dispatch of the others but they appealed to his good concious they called him down to make a friendly alliance. In his desire to not see the others harmed the eladrin, named Xaris came down and along with his Gnome friend Baylen they made a temporary alliance to protect the tomb with the Human named Enzoniac, who seemed to claim some Kingly inheritance of a village widely known for their manure, and the dwarf named Eljee, who seemed to be some sort of slave to the poop king. They were to help defend the tomb in exchange for information to finding their mother.

After this happened two huge monsters busted out of the tomb sending the doors flying and causing a slimy ooze to go everywhere causing great pain to all those who touched it. The problem was that everyone was now covered in it. We Soon found out that the doors repelled the ooze an we gathered close to the doors. At this point Eljee ran off leaving the rest of us to dry along with his master. After getting all of the ooze off of us we ran away from a huge blinding light that signlaed trouble. We slowly creeped back to find that the elf and the tiefling were back at it trying to get in the crypt so we watched them fumble with the door and noticed that the human was back helping them but the dwarf was nowhere to be found.

After being in a shouting match with the others Xaris was surprised by the dwarf who magically snuck up on him, because it could have only been a high level magic item that could have allowed him to sneak up on an eladrin. He then brutally murdered the man the dwarf just made an alliance with. He then proceeded to knock the gnome unconcious and capture him as a slave.


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